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November 2015

Celebrity Hair Stylist NYC, Arsen Gurgov, Shares How To Get Holiday Hair

November 11th, 2015|

Great article from my friends at  KDHamptons from a few years back. Thank you so much!


When I zip into the city for a big event, I leave my tresses in the hands of celebrity hair stylist Arsen Gurgov of Louis Licari salon.

In terms of beauty, nothing can beat a great hair day, except maybe a great hair night! KDH loves to leave my hair in the care of Arsen Gurgov at the Louis Licari salon when I have a fancy party to attend.  Arsen’s digits are on speed dial for Manhattan party mavens who love to pair sexy, soft waves with a drop-dead dress.  Even better, Arsen always manages to make you smile, relax and have fun even when you are running late, it’s raining in the city, there are no cabs to be found, and you still haven’t picked up your dress from the tailor! Learn more about our mane man here:

Arsen Gurgov, a master stylist at the renowned Louis Licari salon on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, is the go-to expert for chic, sexy, lustrous hair. Having emigrated from Uzbekistan in his teens, Gurgov landed a coveted assistant’s position at Louis Licari at the age of 17. In less than a decade he built a remarkable career, clearly establishing himself as a leading hairstylist. Celebrated for weekly TV segments in which he deftly transforms outdated, lifeless hair with chic new cuts, Gurgov has also developed a signature, personalized approach to the popular keratin hair-smoothing treatments.

A sought-after trendsetter, Gurgov’s work is regularly featured in the media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post; fashion and beauty magazines Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Self, W, Glamour, and InStyle; TV shows including Today, The View, Good Morning America, and New York Live; and a variety of films directed by Spike Lee, Sidney Lumet, and Todd Solondz.

Celebrity Hair stylist NYC Arsen Gurgov 1 Celebrity Hair stylist NYC Arsen Gurgov 2 Celebrity Hair stylist NYC Arsen Gurgov 3

KDH: Who is your favorite celeb or model you have worked with and why?
AG: I’ve had the pleasure to work with many celebrities, but one of the first was actress Ellen Barkin.She was in the movie Palindromes, and I styled her hair every day. It was an interesting experience because it was away from the salon world and I had to quickly adapt my techniques to what the director wanted. Ellen is beautiful, smart, and outspoken—in the time I spent with her I learned to listen. I always style hair in the way I know is right for the client; but it’s important to first pay attention to her needs and then to communicate what I plan to do.

KDH: Why are women so obsessed with our hair?
AG: Your hair is an essential part of your signature style—it’s even more important than what you are wearing. Sometimes it takes some time and effort to have it look good, but it’s always worth it.

KDH: Is it a myth that men prefer long hair?
AG: Men prefer women who are confident about their style and appearance—whether your hair is long or short, all that matters is that you own your look.

I loved the mermaid hair that Arsen gave me recently for the Pedro Almodovar event at MoMA, so I asked him to share his how-to’s with KDHamptons readers:

KDHamptons: What do you think is the look for sexy holiday hair?
Arsen Gurgov: For sexy holiday hair, you can’t go wrong with a wavy look, as long as it’s polished and not too wild or messy. The waves can be either tight or loose, whichever you prefer, but be sure to use a texturizing product to add luster before you style.

KDH: Which products do we need to get this look?
AG: I prefer to use Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity oil-free volumizer to add texture and to control the curl; the more you use, the more texture it will add.

KDH: Ok so how can we create this look at home?

-Before styling, rub Kevin Murphy’s volumizing cream through your hair from the roots to the ends—it’s best to apply it on soaking-wet hair.
– Air-dry or blow-dry your hair depending on your hair texture and the amount of frizz you have.
-When your hair is dry, take a section of hair, spritz with styling spray, and wrap it around a one-inch-wide curling iron (make sure you include the ends of your hair), wrapping it away from your face. Continue with small sections, being careful to create symmetrical curls.
-Finish with a smoothing cream and a light mist of hairspray.

Article source: Here


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Thanks for reading.

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NYC hair guru

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Hair Myths by Celebrity Hair Stylist Arsen Gurgov

November 2nd, 2015|

By Arsen Gurgov 

At least ten people a day come into the salon me asking a million questions about their hair. Whether it’s using some oil that makes your hair grow or
how often you should get your hair cut, everyone has an opinion. So let’s debunk some of these rumors.

Cutting your hair every six weeks – MYTH!
If you rock a short style then you may need to give it more attention, but depending who gave you the cut you can stretch your next appointment to
about 8-12 weeks.

arsen 1

You should wash your hair everyday – MYTH!
You most definitely should NOT be washing your hair every day! Something people don’t know is shampoo is not meant for your hair, but rather for
your scalp. If you are one of those people who feels the NEED to wash their hair everyday here’s a tip: shampoo when the conditioner is already in your
hair! To keep your hair looking healthy and not tired and dry, only wash your hair three or four times a week!

arsen 2 arsen 3

Just washed hair is best for styling – MYTH!
When it comes to styling your hair, blow-drying it before hand can make all the difference. It is best to pre-dry the hair by blow drying to the point right
before it would start to frizz. That way you get the best result you can when styling.

arsen 4

Some other tips to keep your hair looking the best it can!
• A way to keep your hairline looking good when it gets oily. Just shampoo your hairline to keep it looking thick and full of bounce.
• The best treatment for split ends is not putting a product in it, but rather just cut them!
• Dry shampoo may make it look less oily, but it actually makes it look thinner.
These are just some simple ways to add a little more life back into your hair!

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Hairstylist NYC, NYC hairstylist, famous hairstylist, celebrity hair stylist, celebrity hairstylist nyc, ambush makeover hairstylist, today show, today show hairstylist.

NYC hair guru

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