But you don’t need to rush from work to a salon. The News surveyed some of the top stylists in town to create five easy looks you can pull off in the office before you punch out to the punch bowl.

And luckily, creating a festive style is best with “second day” hair, because it holds its shape and doesn’t just slip through your fingers.

So experiment, have fun, and look your best out there:

The New Chignon style

NYC Hairstylist : Arsen Gurgov at Louis Licari, 693 Fifth Ave.

  1. Use a quarter-size drop of Moroccanoil Medium Styling Gel on the ends of the hair, and run it through with your fingers.
  2. Using a Mason Pearson brush (or any paddle brush with bristles), comb the hair at the crown of the head backwards to create lift.
  3. Create waves throughout the hair with a 1-inch curling iron on 1-inch sections.
  4. Create a dramatic side part (roughly at the outer end of one eyebrow), and use a clear rubber band to make a low ponytail. But keep a 1-inch section of the hair near the hairline loose, from ear to ear.
  5. Using small strands from the ponytail, create miniature loose buns, securing each with a bobby pin. Curl the front section and leave it loose for a wispy effect.
  6. Finish off with KMS Maximum Hold Spray.


Source: http://nydn.us/1KvY8ZO


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