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Hair salons are hard to decide as you want to know your hair will be in the right hands. Here are just a few examples of how Arsen Gurgov Salon creates the right experience for each client who walks through our door.

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Top Hair Salons NYC

As one of the best NYC hair salons, Arsen Gurgov Salon has developed a number of special techniques to help clients achieve their best hair yet. One such technique is the dry haircut.
Many men and women think their hair must be wet when they get a haircut in any hair salons, but in fact, taking scissors to dry hair has never been more popular (and more effective). For certain hair types and styles, getting snipped when your locks are completely dry can actually improve the results. Here are just a few reasons you should try a dry cut, from hair stylists at one of the best NYC hair salons:

  • It’s great for curly and wavy hair: Anyone with temperamental ringlets or waves knows that exactly where you slice and dice can make a big difference in whether you like the end result – and it can be harder to tell where the curls are going to lie when your hair is soaking wet. Cutting while the curls are doing their thing means your hair stylist can pick and choose where to cut so that they lie atop one another just right.
  • It can get you in and out of the hair salon faster: Ever notice how, after you have a traditional, wet hair cut and your stylist has dried your hair, she often has to go back over it again with the scissors, trimming here and there? Doing it dry to begin with eliminates most of this second-round work and will allow you to go on with your day sooner.
  • It can be gentler on fragile, thinning hair: Wet hair is more fragile and elastic (especially if over-processed or fine), and can be prone to snapping while it’s being combed over and over during a wet cut. You’re likely to shed fewer strands during the whole process if you have a dry cut, which is important for people with thinning hair or who are concerned about breakage.
  • It can be more precise and tailored exactly to you: When you dry cut you really get to see the movement of the hair, where most of the weight is and how much really needs to be cut off. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting, and your hair stylist will base the cut on what looks best on you (as opposed to what they think will look good when the hair dries).
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Celebrity Hair Salons NYC

As one of the top celebrity hair salons in NYC, we often take inspiration both from our celebrity clients, and from the broader world of A-Listers. One of the trends we have been seeing on many of our celebrity clients much more this year is long hair for women of all ages. It used to be that younger women claimed ownership of long hair, and older women cut their hair short. But not anymore! We are loving long hair on women of every age these days, so we thought we would share some of our favorite long mane looks, in case you’re thinking of taking the plunge and growing your locks long.
And just so you know, having long locks doesn’t have to mean having loose, limp or dull hair. By simply adding layers, bangs or face-framing angles, the right long hairstyle can do wonders to complement your face and make you feel like a superstar.
Some of our favorite long hair celeb looks of the moment include:

  • Beyonce’s Luscious Curls: Let’s be honest: Beyonce always looks incredible. But her post-baby looks have been particularly jaw-dropping. We love that the new mama is embracing longer hair. Her loose, long curls pack a powerful punch and inspire us to go bold (and maybe also go blonde?).
  • Lo’s Medium-Long Straight ‘Do: Long doesn’t always have to mean the longest. Jennifer Lopez’s medium-to-long, pin-straight tresses are perfect for day or night and accentuate the angles in her face perfectly. We love how this hairstyle looks good from every angle – and it makes Jenny from the Block look fun, fresh, and fierce.
  • Sofia Vergara’s Bombshell Waves: Sofia Vergara always looks stunning, but what we love about this look is how healthy and vibrant her long hair looks. We love that Sofia chose to pair a formal dress with such an effortless hairstyle. That sense of fun is one of the many reasons she is always a hair icon for us!
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Best Hair Salons in NYC for Coloring

Having to go to different beauty salons for your color and styling is a major pain. At Arsen Gurgov Salon, our team of colorists is among the top hair colorists in New York – which means you can trust us with your entire hair look, including color.
Each member of our color team specializes in various types of hair and color – so whether you want to go blonde, red, brown, or something totally crazy, our team can make it happen. (Seriously, we’ve done pink, purple, etc. You name a color, and we’ve given helped make it a part of someone’s dream hairstyle.)
As with all elements of the Arsen Gurgov experience, our colorists focus not just on the look of your hair, but on its lasting health. You can trust that you will walk away with vibrant color that won’t damage your hair. We are one of wisest choices among hair salons for coloring.

Hair Salons for Winter Hair

Our stylists have years of experience to make sure that, no matter the season, we can help you keep your tresses vibrant and vigorous. For example, now that summer is winding down, our clients are starting to ask how to protect their hair during the winter months, when cold air and strong winds can damage and hurt beautiful hair. Some of our tips for keeping your hair beautiful and healthy in the winter months include:

  • Stop washing: Limit washing your hair to 3 times a week, and never leave your house with wet hair. When your hair is wet, it is very vulnerable to damage. When mixed with the cold air, it leads to dry, brittle hair full of flyaways. When you do wash, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (like the ones found in our salon). Sulfate-based products strip your hair of its natural oils. Hair Salons for winter hair – Tip#1.


  • Conditioning treatment: Just like your skin, your hair needs a weekly mask especially during the winter months. The dry heat in your house, office and at public places (restaurants, malls, theaters) mixed with the cold air outside strips your hair’s moisture. Using a deep conditioning treatment weekly will help replenish the moisture, leaving your hair shiny and frizz-free. Hair Salons for winter hair – Tip#2.
  • Eliminate the heat: With the dry heat pumping everything, try to limit using heat products on days you wash your hair. Heat causes your hair cuticle to split open, which creates frizz and flyaways. Hair Salons for winter hair – Tip#3.
  • Sleep with a scrunchy: It might not be the most fashionable look, but if you sleep with your hair up use a scrunchy or pins over a tight elastic band. The scrunchy is actually less damaging on your hair since it doesn’t pull on your strands. It also won’t leave any unwanted creases or dents making morning styling a breeze. Hair Salons for winter hair – Tip#4.
  • Get a humidifier: Winter is the most damaging to your hair because of the heat that’s pumping everywhere. Frizz is your hair telling you that it’s dehydrated and lacking moisture. A humidifier will add moisture to the air which will help your hair and skin from feeling dry. Hair Salons for winter hair – Tip#5.


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