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At Arsen Gurgov Salon, we believe that a haircut can affect not just your physical appearance, but also your emotional state and life attitude. We always want you to walk out of the salon looking and feeling your best, which is why we focus so intently on your hair health and hair beauty every day, not just on the days you get to pamper yourself with a coiffure.

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1. Best Haircut NYC

Even if you get the best haircut in NYC, it’s important to know how to keep your hair healthy day-to-day, so the cut lasts. But there are so many tips and tricks for hair out there that it’s hard to know what to listen to. We’ve been in this business for a long time, so here are four of the biggest hair myths people ask us about, and our answers for you.

Myth 1: You should cut your hair every six weeks.

  • There are so many types of hair cuts, so it should be no surprise that the time between salon visits should depend on the type of hairstyle you have. If you are rocking a shorter coif, then you might need to get your hair cut more often (less hair means changes in length or texture stand out sooner). But if you have longer hair, you can often wait anywhere from 8-12 weeks between cuts. If you aren’t sure whether it’s time to cut your hair, you can always go in for a consult. The best NYC stylists will be honest with you about whether it’s time for a trim, or whether you should wait it out a little bit longer.


Myth 2: You should wash your hair every day.

  • Much to many people’s surprise, you do not need to wash your mane every day! What a lot of people don’t realize is that shampoo is actually meant for your scalp, not for your hair. When people use shampoo on their hair every day, it makes the hair tired and dry. Try washing your hair only three or four times a week – this will keep your scalp clean, and also allow your hair time to breathe between washing. You’ll be surprised how much shinier and healthier your hair looks just from washing it less! A few important notes: Don’t be afraid to use conditioner regularly though – that is meant for your locks. And if your hairline is getting a little oily, you can shampoo just your hairline. This will keep your ‘do looking bouncy and fresh, without overburdening your hair with shampoo.

Myth 3: Just-washed hair is best for styling.

  • It’s no secret that wet hair and dry hair look different. Because of this, the ideal way to style hair is to pre-dry it by blow drying it enough so the hair is dryer, but still not frizzy. This allows the stylist to see what your hair will look like dry, and make the best styling choices for your specific type of hair.

Myth 4: The best way to treat split ends is with product.

  • The best way to treat split ends is by cutting them! Of course, many women (and men) fear that cutting their split ends too often will mean they need to sacrifice length. But there are certain haircuts for long hair that incorporate methods of cutting split ends to allow for hair health and hair growth. For example, at the Arsen Gurgov Salon, Arsen specializes in a technique called the hot scissors haircut, which eliminates split ends for longer, allowing for more growth. Read on for more details about how hot scissors will revolutionize the way you style and cut your hair!


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2. Hot Scissors Haircut

  • Women come to us all the time and ask, “How do I get rid of split ends without having to cut my hair short?” At Arsen Gurgov Salon, we don’t want you to have to sacrifice length in order to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. This is why Arsen worked to develop and master a technique called “hot scissors,” to conquer split ends once and for all.
  • Hot scissors is a unique, specialized treatment that uses heated scissors to eliminate split ends. During the treatment, Arsen uses a pair of electric scissors that heat up to 310 degrees. Whereas with a normal haircut, the cuticle remains open, with hot scissors, the heat from the blades seals the hair’s cuticles, preventing split ends from developing.
  • This treatment is especially helpful for people with wavy, frizzy, or ringlet hair – because it will ensure your hair stays bouncy and light for longer.
  • Usually, following a normal haircut, men and women have a period of full, beautiful tresses, followed by a period of lifeless, wispy strands, as the hair grows out. But following a haircut using the hot scissors method, hair can grow into a long, strong mane, without the ends beginning to crack and divide.
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3. Hair Makeover NYC

Anyone who is familiar with Arsen’s work knows he loves to give hair makeovers to men and women to totally elevate how they feel about their hair, and their entire look. Getting a new hairstyle from the right stylist can help you feel better on both the outside and the inside.

  • As Arsen says, “Everyone is bound to have a bad day every once and a while. Whether someone took your cab or you trip and fall in Central Park, the question is how do you turn that day around? Treat yourself! Nothing can lift your spirits more than a little pampering. When I know someone has had a bad day, I love making them feel special with the latest hair trend. You would be surprised how casual beach waves or something straight and sleek can really change one’s attitude.”
  • But you don’t need to have a bad day to earn a makeover! Many women and men are surprised by how much a simple salon trim can give them an entirely new attitude for the rest of the day (or longer!).
  • Do you have a job interview? Come in to get a hairstyle that will make you feel powerful and ready to conquer the world. Are you going on your first date in a while? Stop by, and we’ll perk your hair up to give you that bit of confidence. Have you just been in a funk? We know it sounds silly, but making a small change, like an updated hairdo, can have positive ripple effects in your whole life. Stop by the Arsen Gurgov Salon for a hair makeover in NYC that will have you feeling like you rule the world!
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Our Favorite Hair Makeovers

As a regular contributor on Today and other NYC morning shows, Arsen has given countless hair makeovers to deserving men and women – including teachers, firefighters, doctors, hardworking moms and dads, and so many others – in New York. Every makeover is unique – from long hairstyles with bangs to adorable hairstyles for short hair, and everything in between. Click around our website for examples of some of our favorite makeovers over the years. We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they realize the newfound potential that comes with just a few changes in style. They might even give you some ideas for how to update your own look. We’re here to help – as long as your new hairstyle makes you feel beautiful and content.

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