By Arsen Gurgov

Let’s get one thing straight I am not a morning person! But when my dear friend J.J.
Keras called me last night I couldn’t resist an early morning blow out. I rolled out of bed at
5:30, was in the salon but 6:45, and J.J. who just arrived from Memphis, was in my chair by 7.
She came to me to get camera ready for a segment on pumpkin facials on Good Day New York
with Rosanna Scotto. For this early morning appearance, we gave her a full bodied blowout, to
have her looking fresh and ready. I will say there is not much more anyone can do to make her
more gorgeous than she already is, truly a hair stylist’s dream!

I loved making her feel special, and giving her that extra boost the confidence.. Having
J.J. come in early and helping her primp for the big show, not only gave her some time to relax
before, but also mentally prepare! And just a few hours later she was back in my chair getting a
quick trim before she headed home!

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Above you can see the whole process! I love this look, and it’s perfect for any woman
with loads of volume and body! Even though it was an early morning I’m so glad that I was able
to help transform her for her time in the spot light! Now that I think about it my wife and I are
going to have to try that pumpkin facial!

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