If you have thick curls, use cream-based products to avoid frizz; gels or mousse are better for fine hair. Always use a diffuser attachment when blow-drying, and part your hair before you start to dry. To add volume at the roots, flip your hair forward while wet and scrunch your curls, then avoid touching your hair until it’s nearly dry. When the hair is 80 percent dry, scrunch your curls again to make the most of them, and place them where you would like them to fall. Keep in mind that the more you touch your hair while drying with the diffuser, the bigger—and frizzier—it will become.

If your hair is more kinky than curly, and you would like to make the kinks less tight, try twisting small sections together and letting them air-dry; it’s time-consuming but will enable you to have kink-free hair for nearly a week. To do so, divide soaking-wet hair in small sections, add product to each section, then tightly twist two pieces together, continuing until you have completed your entire head. When completely dry, unwind each section individually. Shake out your curls; if necessary, use a blow-dryer (without a nozzle and on a low-speed) to loosen the sections.