Everyone is bound to have bad day every once and a while. Whether someone took your cab or you trip and fall in Central Park, the question is how do you turn that day around? Treat yourself! Nothing can lift your spirits more than a little pampering. When I know someone has had a bad day, I love making them feel special with the latest hair trend. You would be surprised how casual beach waves or something straight and sleek can really change ones attitude.

For example, my dear friend Amy Rosenblum had a nasty spill in Central Park two weeks ago where she fractured her knee cap. A week later she found herself getting the royal treatment in my chair, leg brace and all. I set her up with some effortless beach waves, that perked her day right up, no one even noticed her brace after that. She is pictured below looking and feeling better than ever.

                                                                           I feel like a princess 🙂 
One’s appearance can make all the difference in how they approach the day. And it doesn’t even need to be a bad day to have an excuse to do something special for yourself.

Coming in early and spending a little time getting beautified in my chair can make that day the best ever. In my opinion it’s important to treat yourself, and to look your best! A good hair day can make all the difference.

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