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    One of the looks we are loving right now is curly hair. Whether it’s long hair or short hair, tight curls or loose, the perfect curly hairstyle can give you a new level of confidence and, dare we say, swagger. Of course, many women wonder how to style and manage their curly hair.

    1. How Do You Style Curly Hair?

    There are many things you can do to take your hair from frizzy to fabulous. Here are just a few of our top tips for ways to stylecurly hair successfully:

    • 1. rush up: One of the biggest mistakes people with curled hair make is that they do not brush their hair the right way. When brushing or combing curly hair, it is important to move upward from the tip, as opposed to starting at the roots and brushing down. This will help you untangle the knots at the ends first and work your way up.
    • 2. Use the right products: Depending on your type of curls, there are specific conditioners and other hair products that will help you reach your perfect look. For example, if you are looking for a strong hold of your curls, but without that dreaded crunch, try combining coconut oil and styling gel. You can speak to a stylist for more ideas of how to pick the right products for your hair type – to ensure your new hair style looks good and lasts.
    • 3. Keep things bouncy: The best way to keep your tresses bouncy and fresh is to trim your split ends regularly. This will prevent your mane from getting frizzy at the ends, and will give your head of hair more movement and lightness.

    2. How Do You Manage Curly Hair?

    In addition to styling your hair day-to-day, it’s important to make sure you are keeping your hair healthy and taking steps to make sure it stays manageable for you. Sometimes you can do this on your own, but sometimes, a little help from the pro’s can make a big difference. A few salon services that can give you a big boost in managing are:

    • Hot Scissors: Hot scissors is a unique, specialized treatment that uses heated scissors to eliminate split ends once and for all. This treatment is especially helpful for people with wavy, frizzy, or ringlet hair – because it will ensure your hair stays bouncy and light for longer.
    • Keratin: Keratin treatment is a smoothing regimen that uses your hair’s natural proteins to make curly strands soft and sleek. With the occasional salon keratin treatment, you’ll be able to style your locks at home, day-to-day, with ease.

    3.What About Short Curly Hair?

    We love short, curly hair! Many women feel that, because they have curly hair, they have less options for how to style their hair, especially in terms of going short. But have no fear: there are just as many short hairstyles for curly hair as there are for straight hair! Our stylists love to work with all short hair, from stick-straight to corkscrew curly. So whether you want a short, curly, layered bob; a pixie cut; an asymmetrical hairdo, or something else entirely, we’re here to make it happen. When done right, a short, curled hairstyle looks chic, young, and oh-so effortless. So if an easy, short, wavy hairstyle is the look you want, reach out to us for a consult. We’ll work together to come up with the chicest look for you.

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