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    A: When it comes to cutting hair, straight hair is the most flexible of all hair types—the best cut truly depends upon the shape of your face. From blunt cuts to razor cuts and bangs to a bob, it all works.
    A: The only drawback to straight hair might be the lack of volume, so be scrupulous about keeping your scalp clean, and letting your hair air-dry—or blow-drying it without a brush—will help you preserve your own natural body. To add extra volume, when your hair is about 80-percent dry, use Velcro rollers for a loose set. The size roller is dependent on the length of your locks—a length of hair should wrap at least two or three times around the roller. Some styling rules to keep in mind: If you blow-dry, use a medium setting so you don’t overheat, and don’t pull—your hair is already straight and doesn’t need the extra tension. I recommend using a brush with bristles that aren’t too stiff; an older brush is actually less damaging to straight hair than a newer one.
    A: It’s possible to make straight hair wavy by blow-drying with a small round brush, or by using heated rollers. If you choose to blow-dry, add a volumizing spray when hair is soaking wet. Air-dry until your hair is 50-percent dry, then use a small round brush with your blow-dryer; the smaller the better. Wrap individual sections around the brush and use the dryer nozzle to force hot air directly onto the brush. Don’t pull; just unwind the brush and let the curl fall into place.

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