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  • Blonde Hair Salon

    Have blonde hair and looking for a blonde hair salon to give your look that “wow” factor? Always wanted platinum hair, but want to make sure you go with an expert who will do it right?

    Blonde Hair Specialists

    • At the Arsen Gurgov Salon, our colorists specialize in treating blonde hair – both maintaining hair and helping women go successfully from dark to golden locks.
    • Because we are a salon that specializes in treating blonde hair, our team of colorists has unique strategies to help men and women achieve all varieties of blonde – from platinum to strawberry, and everything in between.
    • Here are just a couple examples of recent golden color transformations performed by our expert colorists that prove the Arsen Gurgov Salon is the blonde hair salon for you.
    • Here, colorist Erika took this client’s mane from dark and heavy to light, bright, and beautiful – using blond highlights to bring out lighter tones in the client’s head of hair.
    • Here, colorist Yolanda transformed what was a dark pixie cut into a platinum dream – perfect for staying cool and looking even cooler in the summer.
    • The range our colorists can achieve and ability to give our clients vivacious color and healthy hair makes the Arsen Gurgov Salon the perfect destination if you need a blonde hair salon in NYC. We are also a natural hair salon, working with natural hair to find the perfect hue if that is your dream look

    Walk-In Hair Salon for Blonde Hair

    • If you are curious about how our stylists might transform your strands from dark to light and fair, stop by the salon for a consultation with one of our colorists. We are happy to talk through what pale you are hoping to achieve, and what would be the best strategy to get you to a head of hair you can’t wait to show off.
    • If there is a specific look you are going for, it always helps to bring pictures that display your dream mane. The more our colorists can see looks that showcase what you want, the better equipped they will be to get you there.
    • But even if you just have an idea in your head, come on in. We’re ready to take your locks to their best yet.

    Booking an appointment has never been easier