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    Mens hair, and mens hair salons, get less attention than their female counterparts. Every guy knows the feeling of going with this significant other to get her haircut, and being the boyfriend/husband/beau totally in awe of how luxurious women’s beauty salons are. But that doesn’t mean men’s hair is any less important and that men shouldn’t care about where they go to get their manes trimmed. In fact, because men often have shorter hair, each haircut they get can make a big impact on their look for weeks, or even months, to come. So for all the guys out there, here is our take on the benefits of choosing a high quality men’s hair salon that will put in the extra effort to make sure you walk out the door looking and feeling your best. Because it’s time we raise the bar on men’s hair styling.

    Barbershops versus Hair Salons for Men

    People often ask us, “What is the difference between a barbershop and a hair salon for men?” Of course, when people think about male haircuts, the classic image that comes to mind is the small, mom-and-pop barbershop, almost like a lounge, with Frank Sinatra playing on the radio and a line of guys getting a shave. But these days, fellows have many more options for where to go to get their locks cut, and they can access the same level of service and luxury that women have been getting with their haircuts for years. Some key differences between barbershops and men’s hair salons include:

    • Layout: Most barbershops are small spaces, with chairs lined up very close together. At the best men’s hair salons in NYC, there is much more space between the various cutting stations – so men can have more privacy and time to relax during their haircuts. This means, if you need to do work, or just want to use your haircut as a time to decompress, you’ll be able to in a men’s salon much more easily. By contrast, barbershops are great for fellows who want to be more social during their haircut.

    Mens Hair Salon Services

    rsen Gurgov is one of the top mens hair stylists in NYC. Many people think that Arsen Gurgov Salon is a full-service salon only for women, but we actually offer an incredible range of services for men as well. Some of the services we offer to men include:

    • Haircuts
    • Blowdry’s
    • Hair Color (including, but not limited to, single processes and highlights)
    • Nigelle / Conditioner Treatment
    • Keratin Treatment (ideal for men who want to achieve smoother, more manageable hair)
    • Relaxer
    • Nail services (including, but not limited to, manicures and pedicures)
    • Waxing services

    In our experience, one of the best things about choosing a mens hair salon is that you can walk in expecting to get simply a haircut, and you can walk out completely pampered from head to toe. Elite NYC mens hair salons give you the opportunity to add services during your appointment, so instead of just your hair, your whole body can get an upgrade before you leave. If you have always been a barbershop guy and are considering making the move to a men’s hair salon, give us a call to find a time to come in for a consult or to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure you have a good time, and walk out with an awesome new ‘do.

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