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    At Arsen Gurgov Salon, we want womens hair to be beautiful and healthy. Often, women are so focused on achieving their ideal look that they forget about hair health. But what many women don’t realize is that the health of their locks and how good they ultimately look go hand in hand. One particular hair health issue many women face is hair loss. But there are methods in how to stop hair fall and grow new hair. So we wanted to give you some of our top tips for combating womens hair loss, keeping those tresses luscious, and making you feel like a powerful dame every single day!

    Womens Hair Loss Remedies

    Some of these women have what is called Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL), but there are various other causes for loss of womens hair, including stress, menopause, poor nutrition, indelicate handling of the hair, and even underlying medical conditions. Because of this, if you are experiencing significant hair loss (losing more than 100 strands per day), it is important to consult your doctor. But in addition to medical treatments for hair loss, there are a number of steps ladies can take in their everyday lives to keep their manes healthy. In particular, because our bodies treat our hairs as nonessential, if our bodies go into survival mode, our hair is one of the first things to get the short end of the health stick. So here are some hair loss remedies to keep your whole self – including your coif – as healthy as possible:

    • Adjust your diet: Many women don’t realize that, just like the rest of their body, their head of hair requires specific nutrients to stay healthy. If a female is looking to increase hair growth, she should supplement her diet with foods rich in probiotics, like yogurt with live active cultures, kombucha, and miso paste. Another helpful nutrient for thinning or falling-out hair is Vitamin B, which can be found in fish, such as salmon and canned tuna. And if you are a vegetarian, it might also be helpful to add additional iron and protein to your diet.

    Womens Hair Loss Specialists

    As mentioned before, if you are experiencing increased hair loss, it is important to consult a doctor (often a dermatologist) to make sure there are not any underlying medical conditions you need to address. But if your doctor determines that your hair loss is not a result of something medical, it will then be helpful to consult with a hairstylist who specializes in womens hair loss, in order to come up with a healthy, beautiful haircut that can double as part of your female hair loss treatment. Some styles we love for women with thinner hair that needs a little help growing are:

    • Pixie Cut with Bangs: A pixie is fun, flirty, and light – perfect for reducing pressure on your scalp and promoting hair growth. Plus, adding front bangs will give your cut a bit of dramatic flair to draw attention towards your face and hide any areas you are still working to grow out.
    • Layers, Either Short or Long: No matter the length, layers help hair look fuller and can help to hide any particularly thin spots. Adding layers will give your mane some much-needed texture and will also give you more styling options as you work to grow your hair out.
    • Adding a Little Color: Many women worry that coloring their hair will increase hair loss, but stylists and colorists who specialize in hair loss can help you come up with a healthy solution to make your current head of hair look fuller and more vivacious. In particular, using a darker shade on your scalp area and a lighter shade on your remaining hair will give the illusion of much fuller hair – perfect for ladies who need a little something extra up top!

    In addition to a new hairstyle, your stylist might also be able to recommend certain products that stimulate long-term hair health and growth. At Arsen Gurgov Salon, our stylists want you to look and feel your best. If you are experiencing female hair loss, we have both stylists and colorists who specialize in womens hair loss to help come up with the perfect styling solution for you. Because every gal should be able to feel like the chicest chick in town!

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