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    A: The best way to control frizzy hair is to use the proper products, and there are specific products tailored for frizzy hair that is fine, medium, or coarse in texture. It’s best to apply your product on dripping-wet hair, so it will be absorbed and not just sit on the surface. Wrap a towel around your head to soak up the excess water, instead of rubbing a towel through your hair.
    A: Did you know that nine out of ten people have frizzy hair? For some it’s genetic, but many people have simply overwashed their hair (most shampoos have detergent in them) and/or put too much heat on it (excessive blow-drying and ironing), which can make it dehydrated.
    A: Make sure your stylist does a blunt cut, using regular scissors and not thinning shears. A blunt cut doesn’t mean you can’t have layers—all hair should be slightly layered—but you still need weight at the bottom of your hair to help control the frizz.

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