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    We all are picky about our hairstyles, hair treatment, and have special preferences for our hair. It’s highly risky
    to go experimental in an unreliable salon and cause damage to our hair.

    If you are in Manhattan and you’re looking for a decent and classy salon, you must have a look at so that you will have one of the best experiences.

    What will make you return back to us?

    Customer Friendly

    You will not be disappointed by our friendly customer services, here at Arsengurgov. You can visit us for various reasons like a hair spa, haircut, body massage, etc. and our experts will treat you and listen to your wishes. You can communicate easily with them so that there won’t be a problem in the outcome later.

    Variety of choices

    With numerous of hairstyling options to feet care, we provide you with a lot of options to take care of your body.

    Qualitative products

    It’s arduous to choose a reliable salon that gives you the required outcome. In that case, you do not worry if you visit us. Arsengurgov salons provide you with the best products because your skin and hair health is our foremost priority. Subsequently, you won’t face any problems due to our products.

    We all are picky about our hairstyles

    Arsen Gurgov will be of great help

    We all are picky about our hairstyles, hair treatment, and have special preferences for our hair. It’s highly risky to go experimental in an unreliable salon and cause damage to our hair. Choosing a hair salon becomes difficult then, trying the right hairstylist without spending a lot of bucks by trying to keep a check on your budget becomes a confusing task. In a city like Manhattan, it’s quite hectic to find a convenient salon. However, Arsen Gurgov will be of great help to your choices and preferences. We provide you with numerous haircuts and styling options. Considered among the best hair salons in Manhattan, we are also budget-friendly and provide excellent services by chosen professionals.

    In the same space, you will be able to get invariable options and then pick the one that suits you. We also provide a lot of options so that the customers do not get disappointed when their desirable option isn’t present. We take special care of the customers, and our team is friendly, and they patiently cater to the demands of the customers. Our salon is a reputed one in the market run by a leading hairstylist, Arsen Gurgov.

    Choose your desirable service with us

    The main purpose of our salon is to understand the wants and desires of our customers to keep up with their needs. If you are looking for a systematic and organized treatment along with a variety of options, we are ready to give you a favorable outcome. We intend to save your time, so we have the option of booking an appointment online. Here’s a quick overview of the prominent services that we provide in our salon so that you can gather some ideas.


    We have installed a varied range of styles and haircuts. You can choose your favorite hairstyle and check the budget that favors you. We also have a lot of options for men and our salon is reputed as having the best men’s haircut, Manhattan. Moreover, we provide special haircuts for split ends. Be it frizzy, curly, or blonde; we will try to give you the best possible outcome.

    Keratin treatment

    If you are actively thinking of getting a keratin treatment, you must surely visit us. We will deliver the best and certified products for your hair, and you will get smooth hair and healthy hair. You can also visit us for a spa treatment to keep your hair in good condition.


    Our waxing services have a variety of options like half leg, bikini, sideburns, lip/chin, and many more. Other than that, we provide services for both men and women.

    Facial treatment

    We assure you to give your skin a smoothing look by the facial treatment that we provide. Also, there are numerous options for varying skin types and ages. We use certified and reliable products that are sure to give you a ravishing look.

    To make you reach us and connect easily, we have some facilities to make our communications better.

    Other facilities and queries

    Online booking

    You can seamlessly book an appointment online by choosing a suitable day and time for the service. It’s better to book a bit early to get the appointment easily.

    Customer review

    You can also write us a review on our website and the experience that you had. That way, you can share if you faced any problem so that we can make ourselves better.

    Cancellation fee

    If you viably cancel your booking at least 24 hours or more before your arrival, you don’t have to bear a 50% cancellation fee.