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  • Haircut for Split Ends

    Arsen Gurgov has mastered a technique to give long-lasting haircuts for split ends.

    Split Ends Treatment

    • As all women know, split ends cause ongoing hair frustration. Seeing the ends of our hair start to separate is maddening, particularly for women who want to grow out their hairstyle. Unfortunately, many women often want to grow their hair long, but are forced to cut it once they see split ends.
    • But no one should have to choose between length and healthy, full-looking hair. No one should be forced into cutting off their hair before it reaches their desired length, which is why Arsen mastered an innovative technique for how to treat split ends and damaged hair. The method he developed was the culmination of months of research and travel to acquire the perfect combination of skills and tools.
    • Called “hot scissors,” this advanced split ends treatment used by only a handful of stylists in NYC targets hair fissures to help men and women alike achieve their goal of having enduring, luscious locks.
    • During the treatment, Arsen uses a pair of electric scissors that heat up to 310 degrees.  Whereas with a normal haircut, the cuticle remains open, with hot scissors, the heat from the blades seals the hair’s cuticles, preventing split ends from developing.

    Split Ends Before and After

    • The hot scissors treatment helps hairdos stay strong and healthy for much longer than the average coif, making it the best haircut for split ends.
    • Usually, following a normal haircut, men and women have a period of full, beautiful tresses, followed by a period of lifeless, wispy strands, as the hair grows out.
    • But following a haircut using the hot scissors method, hair can grow into a long, strong mane, without the ends beginning to crack and divide.
    • The purpose of a new hairstyle is always a combination of hair beauty and hair health. With Arsen’s hot scissors treatment, you will be sporting a beautiful new coiffure that stays vibrant week after week. Get ready to be the object of everyone’s hair envy, and say goodbye to splits, separations, and breaks, and hello to fabulous hair!

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