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hair salon nyc

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Smooth + Sexy


Whether you want the glamorous red-carpet look of lustrous wavy hair, or prefer a looser, more bohemian style, the process is similar.

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Hollywood Waves


A ponytail is the easiest, fastest, and most versatile style to create, as it can be both casual or formal.

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Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, I recommend you use volumizing products—including shampoos, sprays, and creams—that don’t contain alcohol, which will make your hair dry and lifeless. Styling products should be applied when hair is soaking wet, and it’s best to air-dry your hair until it’s mostly dry before using a blow-dryer and brush.

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Straight Hair

When it comes to cutting hair, straight hair is the most flexible of all hair types—the best cut truly depends upon the shape of your face. From blunt cuts to razor cuts and bangs to a bob, it all works.

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Frizzy Hair

The best way to control frizzy hair is to use the proper products, and there are specific products tailored for frizzy hair that is fine, medium, or coarse in texture. It’s best to apply your product on dripping-wet hair, so it will be absorbed and not just sit on the surface. Wrap a towel around your head to soak up the excess water, instead of rubbing a towel through your hair.

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Curly Hair

One of the looks we are loving right now is curly hair. Whether it’s long hair or short hair, tight curls or loose, the perfect curly hairstyle can give you a new level of confidence and, dare we say, swagger. Of course, many women wonder how to style and manage their curly hair.

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Women’s Hair

At Arsen Gurgov Salon, we want womens hair to be beautiful and healthy. Often, women are so focused on achieving their ideal look that they forget about hair health. But what many women don’t realize is that the health of their locks and how good they ultimately look go hand in hand.

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Men’s Hair

Guys, have no fear! Men’s hair deserves just as much care and attention as women’s hair – so we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite men’s hair trends from 2017, as well as timeless looks for men’s hair of every variety. Looking good should be easy. Arsen Gurgov best men’s hairstylist NYC is here to help.

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Celebrity Hairstylist NYC

As a celebrity hairstylist, Arsen Gurgov knows how to give celebrity clients a haircut that will make them stand out and how to give other clients haircuts that will make them feel like celebrities. Many people often wonder what it means to be a celebrity hairstylist. They ask us, “What makes stars want to flock to a certain stylist or salon?” And “What sets a celebrity hair salon apart?” Well, read on because we’re here to dish (at least a little).

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Hairstylist NYC

When New York’s A-Listers need a fabulous new-do, they call Hair stylist Arsen Gurgov. As a top hair stylist in NYC, Arsen has spent his career taking women’s hair from “meh” to marvelous.Whether their hair is curly or straight, frizzy or flat, New York’s elite know that going to Arsen is putting their coifs in the hands of one of the best hair stylists in NYC.

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Hair Salons NYC

As one of the top hair salons in NYC, we often take inspiration both from our celebrity clients, and from the broader world of A-Listers. One of the trends we have been seeing on many of our celebrity clients much more this year is long hair for women of all ages. It used to be that younger women claimed ownership of long hair, and older women cut their hair short. But not anymore! We are loving long hair on women of every age these days, so we thought we would share some of our favorite long mane looks, in case you’re thinking of taking the plunge and growing your locks long.

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At Arsen Gurgov Salon, we believe that a haircut can affect not just your physical appearance, but also your emotional state and life attitude. We always want you to walk out of the salon looking and feeling your best, which is why we focus so intently on your hair health and hair beauty every day, not just on the days you get to pamper yourself with a coiffure.

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Haircut For Splits End

Arsen Gurgov has mastered a technique to give long-lasting haircuts for split ends. As all women know, split ends cause ongoing hair frustration. Seeing the ends of our hair start to separate is maddening, particularly for women who want to grow out their hairstyle. Unfortunately, many women often want to grow their hair long, but are forced to cut it once they see split ends.

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Hair Colorist NYC

With the right hair colorist, you can take your hairstyle, and your entire look, to the next level. But changing your hair color often feels like a big step, and many men and women wonder how to find the right hair colorist, especially in NYC, where there are so many to choose from.If you are curious about how our stylists might transform your strands from dark to light and fair, stop by the salon for a consultation with one of our colorists. We are happy to talk through what pale you are hoping to achieve, and what would be the best strategy to get you to a head of hair you can’t wait to show off.

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Curly Hair Salon NYC

If you need a curly hair salon in NYC, come to the Arsen Gurgov Salon for an exciting new haircut that will make your hair healthier, more manageable, and more beautiful.When it comes to curly hair, the Arsen Gurgov Salon is not your average beauty parlor. Our stylists are curly hair experts, who have developed a number of unique techniques to conquer and enhance curled locks of all varieties – making the Arsen Gurgov Salon one of the best curly hair salons in NYC.

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Blonde Hair Salon NYC

Have blonde hair and looking for a blonde hair salon to give your look that “wow” factor? Always wanted platinum hair, but want to make sure you go with an expert who will do it right?

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Mens Hair Salon NYC

Mens hair, and mens hair salons, get less attention than their female counterparts.Mens hair, and mens hair salons, get less attention than their female counterparts. Every guy knows the feeling of going with this significant other to get her haircut, and being the boyfriend/husband/beau totally in awe of how luxurious women’s beauty salons are. But that doesn’t mean men’s hair is any less important and that men shouldn’t care about where they go to get their manes trimmed. In fact, because men often have shorter hair, each haircut they get can make a big impact on their look for weeks, or even months, to come.

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Arsen Gurgov Hair Salon in NYC

Arsen Gurgov, a celebrated master hairstylist and TV personality, is the go-to expert for chic, sexy, lustrous hair. He is the principal of a newly launched, eponymous full-service salon located on East 60th Street just off Madison Avenue, the epicenter of the worlds of fashion and beauty. Arsen worked with his mentor Louis Licari at the renowned Louis Licari salon on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for nearly 20 years. (The salon was recently rebranded Licari Cutler.)

Arsen landed a coveted assistant’s position at Louis Licari at the age of 17. In less than a decade he built a remarkable career, clearly establishing himself as a leading hairstylist. Celebrated for weekly TV segments in which he deftly transforms outdated, lifeless hair with chic new cuts, Arsen has also developed a signature, innovative approach to keratin hair-smoothing treatments.

A sought-after trendsetter, Arsen’s work is regularly featured in the media, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal; fashion and beauty magazines Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Glamour, and InStyle; TV shows including Today, The View, and Good Morning America; and a variety of films directed by Spike Lee, Sidney Lumet, and Todd Solondz. A-List clients included Emmy Rossum, Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford, Courtney Love, Sandra Lee, and hockey great Brendan Shanahan.

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  • Anna BerkovicAnna Berkovic

    Honestly I'm very picky when it comes to my hair, and on my first visit with Arsen I had one of the best experiences, the wonderful color made by Aga and the radical cut from long to super short I just loved it !!! Highly recommend and will be back soon.

  • Jack WilderJack Wilder

    One of the best hair stylist in NYC. My mother goes to him all the time after seeing him and his work on the Today show. Always raves about him. Thanks arsen for taken care of my mom.

  • Patricia LuchsingerPatricia Luchsinger

    I have been going to Agnes for years and her hair coloring is the best. I frequently get compliments on my hair color and some people think it’s natural color! I couldn’t recommend her more.

  • Gary MalayevGary Malayev

    Professional service with beautiful environment. Very frindly stuff. Highly recommended.

  • Amy Waldman JaffeeAmy Waldman Jaffee

    Arsen is the best!! His new salon is beautiful. Don’t walk but run to see him!!!

  • Robin Kilgore NaquinRobin Kilgore Naquin

    I travel all the way from Florida just to have Arsen cut and style my hair. Congrats on your new journey!

  • Esther CapotostaEsther Capotosta

    Love the cut and style, like it even better when I get the Keratin treatment.

  • Sitora Yusufiy DiasSitora Yusufiy Dias

    One of the best hair Masters in the tri state area! He can make you look like a superstar in 15 minutes!

  • Linda GalloLinda Gallo

    Arsen gives the best haircuts . just loves him. I am always happy when I go ther . very friendly. Nver makes you feel uncomfortable

  • Cindy TennerCindy Tenner

    Congrats to my amazing stylist Arsen on opening his own salon, which is beautiful and conveniently located. And congratulations also to Yolanda for making the big move with Arsen! Great, full-service salon. Can't wait to go back.

  • Joan SiffertJoan Siffert

    Arsen gives the best haircut ever. If he is not available ask for Ryan. If you want color New York has no better colorist then Yolanda. I am so happy with the services here and so grateful for the location. I really can't say enough good about it. The salon is beautiful everyone is so friendly things are smooth and easy once you walk in. I'm a happy woman.

  • Annparis PerrierAnnparis Perrier

    I don't live in NYC but two of my best friends go there, they are amazing. Whenever in New York I'm going to do my hair at this salon, I can't wait for de colorist that did the red hair on FOX

  • Steffany AriellaSteffany Ariella

    I've been going to Arsen Gurgov Salon for the past several months. My experience there has been excellent. Arsen and his staff have shown knowledge of what do do with hair and demonstrated the skills necessary to make one feel confident when walking out of the salon. The salon is clean,well organized and conducive to a pleasant experience . Looking forward to my next visit.

  • George EGeorge E

    Arsen is a great friend and an even more experienced hair stylist. He has been the family hair stylist for years and always takes the time to explain and do the most amazing work. Highly recommended.

  • Heather DelaneyHeather Delaney

    Arsen is extemely talented and has opened a beautiful, welcoming salon. The space is posh but the staff is helpful and friendly. Don’t hesitate to visit if you want a fabulous cut and blow out. Go see Yolanda for color.