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  • Hair Colorist

    With the right hair colorist, you can take your hairstyle, and your entire look, to the next level.  But changing your hair color often feels like a big step, and many men and women wonder how to find the right hair colorist, especially in NYC, where there are so many to choose from.

    Here are some of our tips for how to find the best hair colorist in NYC for you – and to come out looking and feeling like your best self.

    How to Find a Good Hair Colorist

    Finding the right hair colorist for you can be tricky, but we’re here to help you discover not just a colorist, but an artist, who will make your locks shine. When looking for a new hair dyer, make sure to:

    • Know what you want: Many hair colorists have specific types of hair or colors that they specialize in. Knowing what color you want to achieve will help you narrow down the list of colorists to choose from. For example, if you want blonde hair, then don’t just look for a good colorist. Instead, look for a blonde hair expert.
    • Do your research: Once you have a more specific idea of what you want your mane to look like, research it! Websites like can help you find a colorist with a specific specialty (blonde hair, red hair, badly damaged hair, etc.). You can also ask your hair stylist if they know of anyone for color – they might know a colorist perfect for what you are looking for. Or, if friends or family have hair color you pine for, ask them who does their hair. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and who can help get you there.
    • Go for a consult: A consult is the perfect opportunity to get to know a colorist’s specific style and hear their ideas for your tresses. Once you are in the colorist’s chair, tell them what you are looking for (bringing pictures always helps), but also be willing to hear their ideas for what color/hue they think would work best for you. You can think of your colorist like a portraitist – someone who has spent their life studying how different colors work with different skin tones and face shapes. So allow your consult to be a conversation, where you and the colorist work together to decide on the best color and plan of action for you, so you’ll walk out the door feeling like quite the looker.

    Best Hair Colorist in NYC

    • When looking for a hair colorist, you want to find someone who is both a good listener and a master at their craft.
    • Our team of tinters at the Arsen Gurgov Salon have been called some of the best hair colorists in NYC because of their ability to work with their clients to achieve the head of hair of their dreams.
    • Our team of top hair colorists has various specialties, including red and blonde hair – and they are continuously working to add different colors and skills to their repertoire.


    And no matter the color you are trying to attain, our team at the Arsen Gurgov Salon will get you there.

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