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  • Men’s Hair

    Guys, have no fear! Men’s hair deserves just as much care and attention as women’s hair – so we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite men’s hair trends from 2017, as well as timeless looks for men’s hair of every variety. Looking good should be easy.  Arsen Gurgov best men’s hairstylist NYC is here to help.

    2. Haircuts for Men With Thick or Curly Hair

    1. Men’s Hairstyle Trends.

    Luckily, the men’s hairstyle trends that we’re loving range in terms of length, hair texture, and wildness. So there’s something for everyone. Some general trends we’ve spotted that we’re liking on guys are:

    • Classic cuts: Thanks to shows like Mad Men, classic looks for men are back in. We’re especially loving medium length cuts that can be slicked back, combed over, or parted to the side. You’ll look like Don Draper (or your father back in his heyday) and feel like a million bucks. Plus, it’s a look that takes very little upkeep and is easy to pull off for many types of hair and shapes of faces. Just be ready to be called “Sir” all of a sudden.
    • Cropped cuts and fades: For some reason, we’ve seen a lot of military-inspired haircuts for dudes this
      year – and we’re liking it! Take note, boyfriends and husbands: celebrities from Channing Tatum to Anderson Cooper have experimented with the more cropped look, with some very handsome results. Men’s short, cropped hair is sure to give you a sharp, masculine look that will allow you to roll out of bed and walk out the door within minutes – and still look darn good. If you want to spice up your cropped cut, you can leave your hair longer on top, giving you more opportunities to play around with styling.
    • Spiky cuts: Men’s haircuts are seeing a resurgence of spiky hair. These haircuts with added texture will bring a new level of character to your look. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, combine some spiky or textured hair with a fade – your cool factor will go up exponentially.

    2. Haircuts for Men With Thick or Curly Hair

    If you have thicker locks or a curly mane, here are some hairstyles picked just for you:

    • If you’re looking for a men’s short hairstyle for thick hair, try a shaggy brush cut. This cut goes hard on the texture, creating a textured look with layers on your top hair, with a faded look around the sides. If you have curlier hair, you can try a similar look – but instead of layers, keep your hair long on top and shorter on the sides. Either way, this is a look that won’t require a lot of upkeep, but will keep looking good day-to-day and week-to-week.
    • If you need hairstyles for men with thick hair and medium length, try a wavy pompadour. We know it sounds crazy, not to mention retro, but pompadours will help you show off your thick, luscious locks in a fun, new way. For this look, you’ll keep your hair longer on top, allowing yourself lots of waves and volume – combined with a low fade around the sides and down to your neck. If you want something a little more subtle (fine, we understand, guys), you can try a thatch. With this haircut, you’ll still get some of that height on top, with short, clean sides, with a little less drama (but still a lot of style).
    • If you have long, thick hair, go big or go home with some shoulder-length tresses (a la Jared Leto). Having long hair provides so many opportunities for play, so let your hair down, dude. If you want a somewhat cleaner, long look, try going a little bit shorter, and giving yourself a middle-part. Both styles will look natural and effortless – it’s all about how you rock it!

    3. Haircuts for Men with Fine Hair

    If you’re a fellow with finer strands, there’s still plenty you can do to have fun with your coif. Here are just a few styles for men with fine hair we’re loving right now:

    • If you have short to medium-length hair, slick it back. Slicked-back tresses are a classic look that can be done differently depending on how formal you want to look. For example, for a more formal look, you can use a little bit more product and slick your hair back, keeping it very close to your scalp (think Jake Gyllenhaal on the Red Carpet). If you want a more casual slicked-back look, you can use less product and allow your hair’s natural volume and texture to come out to play.
    • If you have long, fine hair, keep things a little wispier. If you like keeping your hair longer, try something a little bit more relaxed, with a shoulder-length, layered cut. Because you have fine hair, adding layers will make your locks seem thicker, and will add dimension to your cut. A longer haircut will also allow you to try out the ever-popular “man bun” or even a ponytail. Have fun with it!

    No matter your hair type, you should be able to get a haircut that makes you feel your best – whether you’re at home, in the boardroom, or hanging around with the guys. Give us a call for a consult – we’re here to help, whether you have an idea of what you want or whether you have had the same haircut for years and need help figuring out how to finally make a big change. If you have something in mind, bring pictures. But if you don’t, just come with an open mind, and you’ll walk away feeling awesome.

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