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    When New York’s A-Listers need a fabulous new-do, they call Hair stylist Arsen Gurgov. As a top hair stylist in NYC, Arsen has spent his career taking women’s hair from “meh” to marvelous.Whether their hair is curly or straight, frizzy or flat, New York’s elite know that going to Arsen is putting their coifs in the hands of one of the best hair stylists in NYC.

    Celebrity Hair stylist

    • Arsen began his career as a hair stylist at the Louis Licari Salon when he was just sixteen years old. Even as an apprentice, Arsen’s talent for turning dull manes into luscious locks shone through, and, despite his unorthodox hair stylist career path, he soon became a sought-after New York City hair stylist with a growing list of elite clientele.
    • Over the years, Arsen’s diverse list of clientele has grown to include not just A-List celebrities and New York power brokers, but also influencers from around the world – all coming to Arsen for the same thing: a haircut from the best hair stylist in New York that will set them apart from everyone else. This list has even grown to include women who travel to New York exclusively to see Arsen and have their manes tamed by the master.

    Straight and Curly Hair Stylist

    • Of course, many people ask what differentiates Arsen from the many other elite hairdressers in New York City. Of all of the coiffeurs on the Upper East Side, why Arsen?
    • As Arsen’s clients know, Arsen is not a hairdresser who will just get rid of your split ends, give you some layers, and call it a day. Arsen works with each client to assess not just their desired style, but also the specific needs of their particular type of hair. It is this individualized attention and desire to give each client not just a generically good haircut, but a haircut that is right for them, that distinguishes Arsen as a hair stylist in New York – and around the world. That is why, when people ask Arsen how to become a celebrity hairstylist, he tells them: care.
    • To that end, over the course of his career, Arsen has developed a number of innovative techniques to help take women’s tresses to the next level. For example, after seeing clients who wanted to grow their hair out, but were forced to get haircuts too soon because of split ends, Arsen researched and mastered a new technique called “hot scissors” that eliminates split ends. Even though Arsen had to go all the way to Germany to acquire the necessary tools, the hairstylist insists the effort was worth it because of how much the method helps his clients. Now, Arsen’s clients can grow their hair out more successfully, without fear of developing the lifeless strands that come with those dreaded split ends.

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