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  • Best Hair Salon In Long Island

    Finding a suitable hair salon might be a tasking process as you need to keep up with the quality as well as affordability.
    Since you’re making a considerable investment in maintaining your hair and skin,

    Gurgov holds a prominent name in this industry

    Best Hair Salon In Long Island

    Finding a suitable hair salon might be a tasking process as you need to keep up with the quality as well as affordability. Since you’re making a considerable investment in maintaining your hair and skin, it’s vital that you only trust a reliable salon. Are you tired of inadequate services that charge way too much without even rendering the desired results? Has your hunt for the best hair colorist on Long Island turned out to be too troublesome for you? Well, we’re here to help you get done with your salon requirements without having to compromise on any front. Arson Gurgov holds a prominent name in this industry, and our hair salon has been trusted by thousands of users all across New York.

    Briefly put, we have a team of professional hairstylists who work under the assistance and guidance of a highly reputed personality — Arson Gurgov. Being in the salon industry for over 20 years and getting all the styling skills from his mentor Louis Licari, Gurgov has made it seamless for New Yorkers to get their hands on salon needs. We have outlets in almost all the significant areas in York, and Long Island isn’t left either. Our team of experts focuses on customer satisfaction so as to provide you the best salon experience one can viably find in the entire New York.

    Facilities you get with us

    Arsengurgov holds a reputation as the go-to salon of customers who are on a hunt for getting all the services in one place. Over the years, we’ve handpicked our staff with the utmost crucial skills that go hand in hand with our vision to deliver unparalleled salon experience. We understand that you wouldn’t want to roam around searching for a new salon for different requirements. Thus, we’ve curated our services precisely in order to ensure that our customers get everything they require without having to look for alternatives. Here’s a brief of the services we offer in our natural hair salon Long Island.

    Keratin Treatment

    Getting a keratin treatment has become easier than ever as arsengurgov.com is here to ensure supreme quality hair products for this procedure. This way, you can instill shine and liveliness in your hair without having to spend a ton.


    In our salon, you will get significantly many options when it comes to selecting a hairstyle. You can pick whichever suits your budget and make your online booking right away. However, you can visit our store without an appointment too, and we’ll take care of everything that paves the way to your healthy hair and skincare routine.

    Body massage and spa

    Arson Gurgov should be in your bucket list when you’re looking for the best hair salon Long Island as we also house several spa options and body treatment. You can get your skin exfoliated with the help of several body therapies made available for our customers. We’re here to facilitate your journey of skin rejuvenation and relaxation so that you can restore your glow at the most affordable price.

    Facial treatment

    Gaining a fresh look on your face shouldn’t be a troublesome process when you’ve arsengurgov.com in your service. We have a massive list of facial treatments available for our customers who are dealing with numerous issues that are hindering their facial glow. We tend to use natural ingredients based products only when it comes to exercising any facial routine so that you don’t have to deal with any side effects later on.


    If you’re not too fond of body hair and want to get rid of these effortlessly, head to our hair salon based in Long Island. Regardless of the gender of our customers, we house a ton of waxing choices that you can select according to the occasion and budget. From half body wax to full body waxing options, we’ve got it all so that you can get everything done at once.

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    What differentiates our services from others

    Although you can get considerably many options for best balayage Long Island, narrowing down to a trustworthy salon might often seem hectic. You can leaf through customer reviews as well as testimonials mentioned on our site to have a deeper insight into our trustworthiness. It’s been our dedication and the choice of best-quality products that have enabled us to cater to a diverse set of customers all this while. To make your visit worthwhile, we’re kept everything categorized in a way that you can handpick everything without getting confused. Having a decided budget will however come handy when you don’t want to overspend and only focus on the treatment options that you’ve kept prioritized.

    Moreover, you can readily reach out to our experts when troubled with doubtful, and we’ll ensure handling all of your queries. When you’re trusting in arsengurgov.com, know that you’re going to get the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and top-notch services.