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  • Arsen Gurgov, a celebrated master hairstylist NYC and TV personality, is the go-to expert for chic, sexy, lustrous hair. He is the principal of a newly launched, eponymous full-service salon located on East 60th Street just off Madison Avenue, the epicenter of the worlds of fashion and beauty.

    Arsen Gurgov

    Master Stylist
    After graduating from the Aveda Institute, Adrian (Rian) was recruited by the celebrated NYC salon of Louis Licari and continued his training there as the assistant to Arsen Gurgov.  When Arsen started his own salon, Adrian was hired as a stylist and has been thrilled to continue to work with his mentor at this cutting edge salon.

    Adrian Sanchez

    Synonymous with creating glamour, high fashion and timeless beauty, Patrick Melville is recognized as one of the top stylists and educators in the industry for over thirty years.  A former boxer in England, Patrick began his hairstyling career in London for British Vogue.

    Patrick Melville

    Celebrity Stylist
    During her early years working under the tutelage of Louis Licari, the “King of Color,” Agnes quickly gained recognition for her remarkable talent. Now, with more than two decades of experience, she is celebrated for her expert eye and her intuitive approach to color. In 2017, Agnes joined the talented team of her longtime colleague Arsen Gurgov, who had opened a stunning, eponymous salon in the heart of one of Manhattan’s most stylish neighborhoods.

    Agnes Socha

    Senior Colorist
    Before joining the Arsen Gurgov salon in 2017, Erika spent a decade at Louis Licari, where she quickly established herself as a master colorist with an expertise in blondes. As a seasoned, in-demand colorist and a “unicorn” in her industry, she has cultivated an A-list clientele and has had her work published in People, O, and Woman's Day magazines, and featured on MTV and NBC, among other stations. An outspoken advocative for the transformative effects of hair color and a mentor to young and upcoming colorists, Erika has proven herself to be a true leader in her field.

    Erika Alktoot

    Celebrity Colorist

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